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Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023)

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Comparative study between the effect of different concentrations and duration of soaking in EMS on germination and seedling growth of (Okra Abemoschus esculenthus (L). Moench)

Eman Najm-Aldeen Mohammed, Mohammed Abdullah Hussein

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 169-178



The study aimed to compare the effect of the duration of soaking with different concentrations of ethyl methyl sulfonate on the germination and growth of okra seedlings growing in dishes using cotton, in the laboratory during the summer seasonon 06/29/2021 to2021/18/07  AD.,where the seeds were treated with different concentrations of the mutagen at different time periods, and the results were as follows:
Okra seeds responded to the shorter period of time soaked in low concentrations of ethyl methyl sulphonate in the characteristic of (germination speed), where the EMS treatment achieved a concentration (0.01%) superiority in the case of soaking for one hour, an average of (2.675 days) over the two EMS treatments (0.03% concentration).  And (0.05%).
The results showed a significant superiority in the characteristic (germination rate%) for the two EMS concentrations (0.01% and 0.02%) in the case of soaking for an hour with average germination rates (99% and 97%) over the two EMS treatments (0.04% and 0.05%). Characteristics (stalk length) of okra seedlings with an average of (15.80 cm, 14.43 cm) in the case of soaking for one hour and (16.30 cm, 15.50 cm) in the case of soaking for two hours.
As well as in the characteristic (leaf area), the EMS treatments (0.01% and 0.02%) excelled in the case of soaking for two hours over the case of soaking for one hour in the EMS solution, as the averages were (3.375 cm2 and 3.400 cm2) in the case of soaking for two hours versus (3.075 cm2 and 3.175 cm2) when soaking for 1 hour.
Okra seeds responded to the duration of the soaking period with EMS solutions in the root length characteristic, where the treatment of (0.02%) when soaked for two hours was superior to all other treatments in both cases of soaking for one hour and two hours.

Effect of plant density and cultivar on Yield and Yield components of Faba Bean Vicia Faba L. under Ibb Governorate Conditions

Khalid Ali Al-Hakimi , Abdullah Hamood Al-Hajj , Akram Noman Al-Ezzy, Bilal Abdul Gabar Esmaeel

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 179-190



This Experiment was Carried out at the Experimental Farm of Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of IBB University during the 2017 / 2018 season  to determine  the effect of plant density (D) on yield and yield components of the three varieties of broad  beans Vicia faba L. Three varieties of bean (Yareem, Shibam 2 and Dhafar 2) and two plant densities D1, D2, 24 and 30 plants / m2 were studied. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with split plot arrangement and three replications. . The main blocks were for plant densities and the sub-block were for varieties.  The  following characters were studied: Plant length (cm), number of branches / plant, pods length (cm), pods number / plant, pods width (cm) / plant, number of seeds in pods, weight straw (gm) / plant,  seed weight (gm)/ plant, pods weight (gm), weight of 100 seeds (gm), harvest index (%) and productivity t/ ha. The results were as followed:
   1. Shibam 2 and Dhafar 2 cultivars were significant on productivity t/ ha compared with Yareem cultivar with an average 21 t/ ha, 1.19 t/ha , and 0.79 t/ ha respectively.
   2. Shibam 2 and Dhafar 2 cultivars were significant on seeds weight gm/ plant compared with Yareem cultivar with an average 22.68 gm , 21.96 gm and 14.47 gm respectively.
   3. Yareem cultivar surpassed on Dhafar 2 ,and Shibam 2 cultivars on 100 seeds weight  with average 107.05, 76.26 and 74.72 respectively.
   4. No significant effect was found between cultivars and plant densities for all studied characteristics, the same result was found between plant densities

Effect of some plants powders, mineral and storage on Aspergillus SP, Penicillium SP in some varieties of Sorghum bicolor (L.) in the store

Salem Mohmmed Ali Alsamlah, Yasser AL-Khader Nasser Hussein

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 191-203



The examination of This experiment was achieved during two seasons (2019/2020, 2020/2021) in the food and after-harvest technicality the center laboratory of center in  Khawr  Maksar, Aden.to know the  fungal content on two varieties of seeds of Sorghum bicolor by using the powders of (Azadiracta  indica leaves, Capsicum annum result, Acacia tortilis ash and Mineral rocks) Which is used in average (25gm/kg seeds) and different storing tools. The laboratory tests were done during (3,6,9,12months) for two planting  season and the results have been analyzed  by using the  factorial experiment conducted  four times for each operation. For decreasing the fungi Aspergillus sp, and Penicillium sp in the two varieties Sanisalah and Bini , the powder of Azadirachta indica (412.2,370 cell/g seeds), the powder of Capsicum annum (515.5,465cell/g seeds) ,Acacia tortilis ash (1433.5,1385 cell/g seeds), then Mineral rocks (2160.5,2085 cell/g seeds), (Control) (4778,4725 cell/g seeds) respectively.
The mental Were the best container for storing and reducing the number of fungus cells which attack the seeds stored for two seasons(913.9,845 cell/gm seeds), then plastic containers (1458.8,1385 cell/gm seeds), Nylon bags-Polyethylene (2274.3,2220 cell/gm seeds), Jute bags (2800.6,2734 cell/gm seeds)respectively.
According to this study the fungal content of seeds increases during (3,6,9,12 months) for seasons when the storing  period.

Response of three wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) to different sowing dates under Tuban Delta conditions Lahj, Governorate, Yemen

Mohammed Salem Al-khashah, Basel Abdulla Alkor, Maged Seed Salem Bmuaafaa, Amin Mohamed Ali

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 205-218



 A field experiment was conducted in Basel Abdulla Alkor productive farm - Delta/ Lahj during 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, planting seasons with the aim to study the effects of 3 planting dates. Different results in 3 wheat cultivars on some growth characteristics and yield components under Delta Tabon conditions / Lahj Governorate.
The results obtained indicate an impact the three planting dates had a significant effect on The cultivar Taiz 10 outperformed the rest of the cultivars and recorded the best values ​​for each of the characteristics of plant height (75.36 cm and 80.79 cm), number of tillers/plant (4.33 and 4.09). stem/plant), the height of the spikelet (8.33 and 8.33 cm), and the number of spikelets (16.46 and 13.45 spikes) for the two seasons, respectively, while the Bohuth cultivar outperformed 13 on the rest of the cultivars in terms of seeding (40.22 and 40.11 days) and maturity (72.22 and 72.11 days) for the two seasons, respectively.
There were significant effects of wheat sowing dates on most of the studied characteristics, where the third date recorded the best characteristics in each of the plant height (68.70 cm) in the first season, number of tillers/plant (4.33 and 4.09). Shrub/plant) for the two seasons, spike height (7.89 and 8.00 cm), and number of spikelets (14.08 and 12.63 spikes).
There were no significant effects of the interaction coefficients between cultivars and planting dates in most of the studied characteristics, except for the two characteristics, the number of shoots/ plant in the second season, which were significant. (T3) the largest number of spikes reached (4.17 stems/ plant) and the number of spikelets in the first season, the overlapping treatment (Taiz 10 T3) recorded the largest number of spikelets in the spikelet with differences Significance amounted to (16.57 spikes).

Morphological characteristics for two genera (Malvastrum and Sida) of Malvaceae sensu lato in Toor Al-Baha District, Lahj Governorate, Yemen

Mahmood Ahmed Al-Meisari, Nora Mohammed Al-Saqaf Mohammed, Othman Saad Saeed Al-Hawshabi

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 221-231



The current study present morphological characteristics of the two genera,that belong to the family Malvaceae s.l., in Toor Al-Baha district, Lahej Governorate, Yemen, from August 2020 to January 2022, an introductory order deals with the most significant features, synonyms, and local names, distribution in  the study area, in addition to a key for separation between of two genera and two species belong to the  genus of Sida in the  studied area, and up-to-date nomenclature for all studied taxa are presented, by using modern classification of Malvaceae which referred to sub-family is Malvoideae, within family Malvaceae s.l.
The present study a revision of the morphological characteristics of three species grow native in the studied area are (Malvastrum coromandelianum, Sida alba and Sidaovata), The vegetative and reproductive morphological characteristics proved that they are with high values in distinguishing between them.  

Isolation, identification, and antifungal resistance of Candida species from various samples

Khaled Nasher Qahtan Salem, Abdullah Salem Ben Barakat Bawazir, Asia Saleh Moqbel Muthana, Asrar Mohammed Abdullah Ali, Mariam Ali Haitham Ahmed, Muna Yaser Ahmed Saif, Samah Mokhtar Salem Alhaithami, Wala Fahd Hashem Mohammed, Zaina Mohammed Mothna Rashed

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 233-248



This study in Aden, Yemen, collected 67 samples from patients attending hospitals and laboratories. Samples were taken from different body areas, covering various age groups and genders. Fungal infections, particularly Candida species, are a significant cause of death worldwide. The emergence of azole-resistant Candida has raised concerns and highlighted the need for better antifungal agents.
In the study, 68.66% of the collected samples contained pathogenic Candida fungi. Some samples also showed bacterial growth or both bacteria and fungi. Suspected Candida growth on corn meal agar exhibited chlamydospore formation and germ tubes on human serum. Carbohydrate fermentation tests were positive for Glucose, Maltose, Galactose, and Xylose, while Sucrose and Lactose were negative. All Candida isolates (100%) were accurately identified to the species level using CHROM agar Candida. Candida's pathogenicity was linked to various virulence factors, including hydrolytic enzyme secretion. Nystatin was the most effective antifungal agent (100% sensitivity), while Fluconazole (73.92%) and Amphotericin B (52.17%) showed varying levels of sensitivity. However, Voriconazole, ketoconazole, and Miconazole displayed high resistance rates (89.13%, 84.78%, and 80.44%, respectively) against the isolated Candida.
This study concluded that Candida spp., particularly Candida albicans, were frequently found in the samples from patients, with vaginal swaps being a common site of infection. The identification of Candida isolates to the species level using CHROM agar Candida was accurate. Nystatin, Fluconazole, and Amphotericin B were the most effective antifungal agents against Candida spp.

Floristic diversity of the rocky habitats and plains of the coastal area of Abyan Governorate, Yemen

Mahmood Ahmed Al-Meisari, Mohammed Abdullah Hussein, Abdul Nasser Al–Gifri

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 251-263



The present study deals with the floristic analysis of the Plain and coastal area of Abyan governorate. The present study reveals the presence of 266 species belonging to 179 genera and 68 families of vascular plants have been recorded. Based on species contribution, Poaceae, Asteraceae, Mimosaceae, Fabaceae, Malvaceae, Solanaceae, Capparaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Caesalpinaceae, Amaranthaceae, and Asclepidiacea, were found as dominant families. Life-forms in order of importance were Hemicryptophytes (25.93%), Chamaephytes (24.81%), Therophytes (24.43%), and Phanerophytes (21.05%), while the least frequent life form class was Geophytes (3.38%), and Epiphytes (0.37%). The proportion of plant life forms in the study area is very close, indicating that the study area is predominantly desert in nature. The large spread of Acacia sp. shrubs indicates the desert climate in the study area

Floristic composition, biological aspectrum and phytogeographic distribution of the flora of Mudiyah District, Abyan Governorate, Yemen

Zamila Mohammed Masdoos , Mohammed Abdullah Hussein, Abdul Nasser Al–Gifri

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 265-278



The present investigation deals with the different life form categories and biological  and in several stages at different periods. A total of 274 species, 189genera, and 66 families were identified. Most of the recorded species were native (80.65%).
Biological spectrum of the present study shows that Therophytes (30.29%) were the most dominating life-form, followed by Chamaephytes (27.37%), Hemicryptophytes (21.89%). Chorological study showed that species belonging to the regions of Somalia Masai (28.83 %) and Sudanian (25.91%), Arabian (21.53%), Irano-Turanian;(20.07%), Saharo-Arabian(18.61%),  Mediterranean (17.88%), were most important ecological groups in the investigated area.

Decomposition of Curvatur tensor filed \(R_jkh^i \) recurrent spaces of first and second order

Adel Mohammed Ali Al-Qashbari, Abdullah Saeed Abdullah Saeed

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 281-289



Finsler geometry has many uses in relative physics and many of mathematicians contributed in this study and improved it. Takano [26] has studied the decomposition of curvature tensor in a recurrent space. Sinha and Singh [25] have studied and defined the decomposition of recurrent curvature tensor field in a Finsler space. Negi and Rawat [11] and [12] have studied decomposition of recurrent curvature tensor fields in K¨aehlerian space. Rawat and Silswal [19] studied and defined the decomposition of recurrent curvature tensor fields in a Tachibana space. Rawat and Singh [21] studied the decomposition of curvature tensor field in K¨aehlerian recurrent space of first order. Further, Rawat and others [20],[22] and [23] studied the decomposition of curvature tensor field in Einstein- K¨aehlerian recurrent space of first order. Al-Qashbari [1], [2], [3] and [4] and Qasem and others [14], [15], [16], [17] and [18] studied the recurrent for different curvature tensors .In the present paper, we have studied the decomposition of curvature tensor fields \(R_jkh^i\) in recurrent space of First order and second order, and several theorems have been established and proved.

A study of recurrent Finsler spaces of higher order with Cartan’s Curvature Tensor

Adel Mohammed Ali Al-Qashbari, Aminah Omar Awadh Mubark

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 291-300



In the present communication, we have derived Bianchi and Veblen identities along with a few more related results in a recurrent and generalized nth-recurrent Finsler space with Cartan’s curvature tensor field. A Finsler space  \(F_n\) whose Cartan's third curvature tensor \(R_{jkh}^i\) satisfies the condition \(R_{jkh|m_1|m_2|…|m_n}^{i} = λ_{m_1m_2…m_n} R_{jkh}^{i} + μ_{m_1m_2…m_n} (δ_{h}^{i} g_{jk} - δ_{k}^{i} g_{jh})\), where \(R_{jkh}^i\)≠0 and \(|m_1 |m_2 |…|m_n\) are h-covariant differentiation (Cartan's second kind covariant differential operator) with respect to x^m to nth order, \(λ_{m_1 m_2…m_n }\) and \(μ_{m_1 m_2…m_n }\) is recurence tensors fields. 

Integral Inequalities for the Polar derivative and the generalized Polar derivative of complex Polynomials

Adeeb Tawfik Hasson Al-Saeedi , Dhekra Mohammed Mohsen Algawi

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023,



For a polynomial P(z) of degree n , having all zeros in |z|≤1, Malik [11] proved that for each q>0,
\(n [∫_0^{2π} |P(e^{iθ})|^q dθ] ^{1⁄q} ≤[∫_0^{2π} | 1 + e^{iθ} |^q dθ]^{1⁄q} \underset{|z|=1}{max} |P^ʹ (z)|\). In this paper we generalize the above inequality to polar derivative and generalized polar derivative, which as special cases include several known results in this area.

Acute abdomen: clinical patterns and outcomes

Gamal M. Ismail KhudaBux

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 315-319



The acute abdomen accounts for 5% to 25% of all emergency department visits of 5 to 10 million patient encounters in the United States annually. The main objective of this study was to assess the surgical treatment outcomes for clinicopathological patterns of acute abdomen. This prospective descriptive study was conducted on 84 consecutive patients who underwent surgery in Al-Gamhouria Hospital within a period between January and December 2016. 
The incidence of the acute abdomen was 12.03% (84) of the total population of the surgical emergency cases in the study period. The male to female ratio of 1.6:1 and the mean age was 29.13 ± 17.10 years. Acute appendicitis was the most common cause 63%. Out of 84 patients 18 (21%) had complications and surgical site infection was the most postoperative complication 7 (8%). Overall mortality in our study was 2.4% and the duration of hospital stay for ≤ 7 days was 83% and >7 days was 17%. 
The recovery- rate from acute abdominal disease increases in proportion to the earliness of diagnosis and treatment.

Assessment of natural and anthropogenic radioactivity levels and their radiological hazards in surface soil samples around oil refinery, Aden Assoghra city, Yemen

Maharan Gafer Abdullah, Emran Eisa Saleh

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 323-333



The activity concentration of global fallout of 137Cs and naturally- occurring radioactive materials (NORM), which primarily due to the geological and geographical condition of soil. and maybe occur from oil and gas burring processes and consequently accumulate on surface soil around the oil refinery in Aden Assoghra city, Yemen were studied by use the gamma-ray spectrometer equipped with a high purity germanium (HPGe) detector and specially designed shield. The average concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K expressed in (Bq kg1) of the studied samples were (13 ± 0.44) Bq kg1, (22.1 ± 0.64) Bq kg1 and (509 ± 9) Bq kg1, respectively. Low concentrations of 137Cs were noted from some sample in the study area, where ranged from (0.3 ± 0.2) to (1.7 ± 0.2) Bq kg-1. The average values of calculated radiological hazard indices were 40.6 nGy h1 (absorbed dose rate outdoors), 0.05 mSv y1 (annual effective dose outdoors), 0.279 mSv y1 (annual effective dose indoors), 83.7 Bq kg1 (radium equivalent), 0.23 (external hazard index), 0.26 (internal hazard index), 0.65 (representative level index), 0.174×10-3 (the excess lifetime cancer risk ELCR) and 0.292mSv y1 (annual gonadal equivalent dose, AGED).

Synthesis and characterization of copper oxide nanoparticles using Moringa Oleifera leaves Extract

Mahmood Mohammed Ali Saleh, Tawfik Mahmood Mohammed Ali, Rafig Mohamed Qassim Ali

University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2023), 31 October 2023, Page 335-345



Moringa oleifera leaves extract Yemeni was used for green synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles (CuO). The obtained copper oxide nanoparticles were characterized using ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy (UV–VIS), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX), and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The aqueous suspension of (CuO NPs) showed a UV-Vis. absorption maxima peaks at 236 and 240 nanometers respectivel primarily in  its formation. The FTIR analysis to be confirmed functional groups of biosynthesized CuO NPs the absorption band at 608cm-1. The XRD analysis revealed that the biosynthesized NPs appear to be more than crystalline of the copper oxide nanoparticles. The characteristic peaks obtained by EDX analysis icon firmed the presence of the element copper (89.8), and the element oxygen (10.2). SEM images show that the particles are round, granular, and nanosized and the nanoparticle has more aggregation ,and conglomeration. Extraction of moringa leaves serves as a promising agent for the balance of particle size. The result of medical value shows significant antibacterial activity.